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Contact the cooperative education teacher at your high school for the application form.

Some of the work Carpenters do may surprise you. Carpenters work not only with wood but also with steel, aluminum, and other metals. They are involved in doing the woodwork for all kinds of structures, from tables to bridges to skyscrapers, but they also install tiles, insulation, and more.

Carpenters may also perform tasks (such as welding), and are called to use computers for drafting and lasers for layout. There are many specializations within the trade, including layout Carpenters, finish Carpenters, framing Carpenters and drywallers.

  • Be at least 17 years of age and in your graduating year
  • Have at least 24 credits
  • Have a passion for working in construction  
  • Be in good academic standing, including completion of all compulsory courses required for your Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • Have a working knowledge of mathematical concepts and principles
    Be willing to travel to Mohawk College - Stoney Creek campus and to a Cooperative Education placement
  • Be willing to attend Mohawk College - Stoney Creek campus for 8 weeks to continue your “Level One” apprenticeship training

Candidates will be interviewed by a selection committee which includes industry partners. A limited number of spaces are available.

Program components include:

  • Pre-placement at your home school in a Cooperative Education course.
  • 8 weeks at the Mohawk College - Stoney Creek campus
  • 12 weeks at a Cooperative Education placement with a construction focus

Program Credits/Certification:

  • Earn 4 Cooperative Education credits towards your Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • Successfully introduced to “Level One” apprenticeship training for General Carpenter at Mohawk College - Stoney Creek  campus


Construction Technology Program partnership with Mohawk College

Semester 2 – February  to June

Students can participate in this program at their home school (accelerated OYAP) as an all-day package, combining Cooperative Eucation and construction courses.

Students who have signed an apprenticeship contract as a General Carpenter before the end of January  (either during 2nd Semester through their Cooperative Education employer, or previously during Semester One) or are post grads are eligible to attend the Level One Carpentry Apprenticeship Program at Mohawk College from Mid February to Mid April (free of charge). This program will run 5 days/week (Monday – Friday) as a block of 8 weeks.



For Students completing the Accelerated Carpentry Program at Mohawk College

Students who successfully complete the Level One block will be granted exemptions into the Construction Engineering Technician Program. The students would be exempt from semester one courses in September. Specifically, they would be entitled to exemptions in:

BLDGCN 120 – Tech Skills Theory 1
BLDGCN 130 – Tech Skills Lab 1
BLDGCN 110 – Construction Materials A
MATHMS 144 – Math For Construction Tech. 1
TDRWEA 106 – Drafting Fundamentals and Standards

They would also be exempted from Semester 4 WELDME 220 – Welding Fundamentals.

Students would only need to pick up COMPCO 001 – Generic Computer Training through night school at Mohawk College to get all of the Semester One requirements, and would be eligible for ADVANCED STANDING into Semester 2 of the Construction Engineering Technician Program in January.

This will allow students to ensure all of their high school requirements are completed before January. They could also work through the summer and fall, continuing in their Carpentry Apprenticeship. As stated above, they would return to Mohawk in January of Semester 2 of the program and return to their employer the following summer, and would complete Semester 3 and 4 in the fall/winter, and graduate with the Construction Technician Diploma from Mohawk College. 

Students interested in this specialized Construction Technology College/Apprenticeship program should contact their Cooperative Education teacher.